Hidden Treasure: Restoring Putah Creek

We need the tonic of wildness...we can never have enough of nature.

Henry David Thoreau

I am drawn to the efforts to restore Putah Creek in Yolo and Solano Counties because of my personal history as a native Californian, living in the northern Sacramento valley since 1952.

Over the past 50 years the consequences of gravel mining and agricultural production practices became undeniably evident.

In Yolo and Solano counties, the restoration has taken place under the guidance of the Putah Creek Council and many dedicated local residents. They work to facilitate communication between each other and assess their interactions with the environment—working with nature on a smaller scale while harnessing the power of the collective values of the community.

The Putah Creek waterway is now a place of thriving beauty and energy. These photographs were taken with the intent to reflect the grace and power of a natural world that has reemerged under the protection of human stewardship.

Rob Stone

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